Dynamics of unsteady cavitating flow in compressible two-phase fluid


Dynamics of unsteady cavitating flow in compressible two-phase fluid


A pressure-based compressible-medium numerical method is developed and applied to the computation of cavitating flow. The cavitating flow is regarded as a homogeneous mixture with the density of the mixture being a function of the void volume fraction. The void volume fraction is governed by a transfer equation, in which the finite phase change rate is considered. To include the compressibility effect, the equation of state of each phase is introduced into the numerical modeling. The governing equations are solved using a pressure–velocity coupling approach, where finally an implicit pressure correction equation is obtained and solved. Our calculation demonstrates that the present compressible-medium numerical method is capable of simulating the dynamics of unsteady cavitating flow. In addition, this method is applicable to the study of the wave propagation in the flow fields, such as waves induced by the collapse of the cavitation cloud, or the presence of imposed external pressure waves.


  • Cavitation;
  • Compressible method;
  • Unsteady flow

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