Seismic evaluation of modular steel buildings


Seismic evaluation of modular steel buildings


Modular steel construction is a relatively new construction technique that considerably reduces the time spent on the construction site. However, due to the detailing and assembly requirements of multi-story modular steel buildings (MSBs), these systems are prone to undesirable failure mechanisms during large earthquakes. In this paper a 4-story MSB is designed considering realistic constraints posed during the modular construction. Using a detailed model in OpenSees an assessment of the seismic demand and capacity of this MSB is provided by performing nonlinear static pushover and incremental dynamic analyses (IDA) in two and three dimensions. Diaphragm interactions, relative displacements and rotations between modules, the force transfer through horizontal connections, column discontinuity coupled with possible high inelasticity concentration in vertical connections are some other important aspects that are specifically considered. The results that are summarized with relevant conclusions provide a better insight to the dynamic behavior of multi-story MSBs.


  • Modular steel buildings;
  • Three dimensional Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA);
  • Push-over analysis;
  • Concentrically steel braced frame;
  • Seismic design;
  • Diaphragm interaction;
  • Collapse capacity;
  • Lateral stiffness;
  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis;
  • Inter-story drift

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