Real-time detection of wave profile changes


Real-time detection of wave profile changes


A statistical process control (SPC) framework is proposed to detect potential changes of a wave profile on a real-time basis. In regular profile monitoring, change detection takes place when a complete profile is generated. In this study, the detection of a potential profile change takes place before the entire information on the profile of interest is fully available. The main research goal is to make a correct process decision as soon as possible. A real-world example of condensation-water-temperature profile monitoring was used to demonstrate the proposed framework. A simulation study was also conducted. The simulation results confirm that the proposed framework is capable of detecting profile changes without having to wait for the entire profile to be generated.



  • Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Filter;
  • Hotelling T2 Chart;
  • Statistical Process Control;
  • Profile Analysis;
  • Real-Time Monitoring

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