Supply chain coordination using time-based temporary price discounts


Supply chain coordination using time-based temporary price discounts


In this paper, the issue of supply chain coordination (SCC) in a buyer-seller supply chain (SC) with an order size constraint is investigated. The buyer keeps safety stock to cope with lead time demand uncertainties from customers’ side. Unsatisfied demand will be lost. Therefore the whole SC sales volume depends on the service level provided by the buyer. By proposing a time-based temporary price discount in each replenishment cycle, the seller intends to convince the buyer to optimize its safety stock globally. Maximum and minimum discounts, which are acceptable for both parties, are determined and an appropriate discount schedule is derived. A set of numerical experiments are conducted to show performance of the proposed model. The results show that the safety stock coordination is profitable; the proposed model is capable of coordinating supply chain. In addition, the model can share extra benefits between SC members fairly.


  • Supply chain coordination;
  • Safety stock;
  • Time-based price discount

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