An indirect method implementing effect of the wind on moored ship experimental tests


Traditionally, moored ship tests with small-scale models only take into account the disturbance effect of waves. In this paper, the design and testing of a system also implementing the effect of wind in moored ships is analysed. The system is based on rotatory actuators acting on linear springs. This solution has a swift enough response to reproduce the fluctuating component of the wind. Three scenarios have been tested: waves, wind and combination of both. In order to assess the results, different sensors are connected to a computer for data acquisition, allowing the recording and subsequent analysis of the measured variables (forces in ropes, reactions in fenders and ship motions).

The results obtained from the experiments show a great impact when wind effect is considered. A superposition effect is observed when waves and wind act together on the ship, emphasizing therefore the importance of taking the wind into account in berthed vessel tests, achieving safer and more realistic results.


  • Moored ship;
  • Hydrodynamic experimental test;
  • Wind

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