Concept of an advanced simulation-based design for engineering support of offshore plant equipment industries and its realization method


This paper introduces the concept of an advanced simulation-based design, “Feedback Loop Design”, and its realization method. The conventional simulation-based design was used for verification of the proposed design because the proposed design has a single process consisting of a design and the design verification. The feedback loop design involves a circular process consisting of the design, design verification, and design modification using an optimization design algorithm and multidisciplinary analysis tools. Optimized solutions can thereby be obtained through a circular design process. A software integration framework, which can combine various design algorithms and analysis tools as well as their interface methods is needed to realize the feedback loop design system. In this study, the software integration framework used is the Remote Component Environment (RCE) (DLR, Germany), and the analysis tool used is the commercial software, DAFUL & ANSYS, for verification of the developed concept.


  • Simulation-based design;
  • Feedback loop design;
  • Software integration framework;
  • Optimization design

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